5 Advantages To Hiring A Cash Homebuyer When Selling Your Naples, FL Property

by Sep 28, 2021

Despite the pandemic, the American remains strong, with the real estate market remaining a seller’s market for most of 2021. For sellers, this means that they’re probably going to get more than one cash offers for their property.

But is selling to a cash homebuyer something that will benefit you in the long run? Yes, it is, and here are five reasons why:

1. Professional Home Buyers Know The Score

There’s a reason people like us are called “professional” home buyers: we do extensive research on fair market prices, the local real estate situation, and the overall American economy in general. Why? Because professional home buyers like us know that buying a house at the fairest price possible benefits both parties in the long run.

Selling to a cash homebuyer is riskier for the buyer than for the seller, which is why we have to know exactly what the fair market value is of homes so we can figure out if it’s worth it in the context of the neighborhood and/or city that we’re buying in. For example, we buy houses in Naples, FL, which means that we need to understand what Naples residents are looking for in a home and how much they’re willing to pay.

In this way, we can determine a fair price for your home that allows both buyer and seller to profit from the sale.

2. Cash Homebuyers Make The Process More Efficient

Most of the time, people look for cash homebuyers because they need to make a sale fast, often due to foreclosure issues. When it comes to foreclosure, homeowners only have a limited amount of time to make a sale, take a bit off cash to tide them over, and repay some of their debt before their home is seized and they make no profit at all.

Unfortunately, the ‘traditional’ way of selling your house can take up a lot of time, from screening potential buyers, waiting for banks and lenders to qualify their finances, and filing the mountains of paperwork in between, it’s not exactly an expedited process for someone who’s in a rush to sell their property.

Selling to a cash homebuyer in Naples, Florida, on the other hand, usually involves working directly with them or an agent that works with them, negotiating the price, signing contracts and deeds of sale, transferring the money to your account, then having a celebratory dinner afterwards. No muss, no fuss, and everything done in as short a time period as possible.

3. There Are Less Considerations For Professional Homebuyers

In a normal sale, buyers will have to wait for a lender-mandated appraisal, go through the hoops of financing contingencies, figure out if a sale contingency is necessary, inspect the sellers credit score, among many, many other steps.

For cash homebuyers, however, they really only have two considerations in mind:

  • How much is the property in question?
  • Is it worth that price?

If they’re happy with the answer to these two questions, then a sale can be made. Sure, some buyers might want to have an inspection contingency or a private appraisal (often done by their own in-house experts), but even these processes are quicker than a regular sale, not to mention more straightforward.

4. A Sale Is Practically Assured

With fewer considerations and a faster process, selling your house as-is in Naples, FL to a cash homebuyer is practically assured. Once a cash homebuyer or a professional homebuyer shows interest in your property, determines the fair market value, and determines possible financial returns, then all they’re interested in now is signing off the deed, receiving the keys to their new property, and giving you the money you’re entitled to.

Sellers should have more confidence when it comes to cash homebuyers because a sale is practically assured: the buyer has the cash, is willing to pay for the property at fair market value, and they want to close the deal asap. It’s a blessing to those who might be trying to sell their house fast because of foreclosure issues.

5. Cash Homebuyers Will Buy Anything For The Right Price

Whether it’s a homestead, a suburban 4-bedroom, or any other type of domicile, if a cash homebuyer is interested, they will most likely buy it, more so if they feel like the investment returns are particularly high. Of course, this only applies if they can buy it at the right price.

And that’s why looking for a professional homebuyer is so important: they’re the only ones with the necessary tools and knowledge to determine what is fair market value and what the right price is for the right kind of property in the right kind of location. Thankfully, most cash homebuyers are fairly long in the tooth when it comes to purchases like these, but you’ll still want to rely on professionals who do it for a living.

Let Us Help You!

At Alpha Properties, we work closely with real estate experts with extensive knowledge in local market economics to determine the best possible price for your property. We buy houses in Naples, FL and beyond, so if you want to know more about how we can help you, contact us today!

Oh and, if you need just one more reason why selling your house to a cash homebuyer makes sense, let’s put it this way: no real estate fees!

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