Can I Sell My Naples FL House While Going Through Divorce?

by May 31, 2022

Divorce and property in Florida are two of life’s biggest stresses. What to do with your house when you get divorced can be a really stressful and difficult decision. Find out everything you need to know when you’re thinking “I want to sell my house during divorce in Naples, FL.”

What Happens to Your House During Divorce?

Divorce comes with a lot of options when it comes to dealing with a house:

  • You can sell the house and split the proceeds with your spouse. Divorce law in Florida then mandates that the split of property, including the proceeds, are done as equitably as possible.
  • One of you can keep the house and live in it. You can either transfer ownership to the spouse who keeps the house, or you can buy the other spouse out if you want to.
  • One spouse keeps the house and lives in it, but the other spouse keeps an interest in it, perhaps until some future event.

If you have kids, keeping the house might be the best option. It’s a way to keep your kids’ lives stable even if you get divorced.

There is no standard way to deal with a house during a divorce. It depends on a lot of factors.

What to Do if You Want to Sell the House

Here are some steps to consider if you decide to sell your house during the divorce process:


Think about it carefully

Decide if you want to keep the house and if you can afford it. Decide if you’re willing to let your spouse have the house, and on what terms. Consider who will pay the mortgage and bills if you remain living in the house, but your spouse keeps an interest in it. Quite often, people going through a divorce decide they’d rather make a fresh start by selling the house.

Get a valuation

By doing this, you’ll know what it’s likely to be worth when discussing arrangements or a settlement with your spouse or your lawyers. A few valuations of the property would be a good idea. From an estate agent and maybe a cash homebuyer.

Find out how much you owe on the house

Find out about the mortgage or any loans made to secure the house. Get a mortgage statement from the bank or building society. Calculate how much equity (or cash left) is in the house.

Your Options in Selling Your House

Here’s what you can do if you’re selling your house during divorce:


Sell through a real estate agent

A real estate agent can help you sell your house during a divorce. Be aware that either you or your spouse (or both) will have to pay estate agent’s fees. You’ll also need to wait until someone makes an offer and both you and your spouse have to agree on the price. And since the real estate agent knows the best way to sell your property, they could also recommend you make repairs and renovations, which is an additional expense for you and your spouse.

Sell through an auction

You could sell your house at auction, which could lead to a fast sale. However, there’s no guarantee it will sell or what the selling price will be.

Sell to a cash homebuyer

Sell your house to a house buying service on a best-price-for-quick-sale basis. This is probably the fastest way to sell. Cash homebuyers will make you an offer that you can then discuss with your spouse. They may even cover all the closing costs.

Selling to a house buying service has the added advantage of privacy. No one will know you’re selling. You won’t have to deal with estate agents, viewings, offers, or negotiations with lots of buyers.

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