Dealing with Title Issues for Your Naples FL Home? Here’s a Few Things You Can Do!

by Apr 13, 2022

Although it might just seem like an unassuming piece of paper, a property’s title actually contains all of its legal rights. Now, what happens if the property’s title has numerous unresolved issues? Can the current owner sell it, or should the current owner deal with the title issues first before selling the home?

You can definitely sell your home even if it has title issues, but it will make it hard–because what kind of private buyer would willingly buy a home with potential legal risks? Aside from paying for the home, the buyer would definitely also shell out cash to get the Title all straightened out.

If you’re having trouble looking for a private buyer willing to buy a home with title issues, there are other options you can explore. But what if you want to resolve these issues once and for all? Keep on reading to find out what you can do with your Naples property with title issues.

    • Liens

When your home is used as a security for a debt or other obligation, your home’s title will have a lien placed on it. Liens are a kind of security interest over a debt that has not been paid. With a lien on the property, the lender still has the right to foreclose the property. Even if the property has been sold, the lien doesn’t just go away. It has to be paid right away before a clear transfer of title and ownership can occur.

    • Recording Errors

Another common error that can result in title issues are recording errors in public records. These errors are usually man made–specifically by clerks and assistants who are tasked to key in information regarding your property. Make sure to check with your local government units so you can review your public records and ensure these are free of typographical errors.

    • Property Division

Encroachments happen when there is an overlap between your property and that of your neighbor’s. To fix this, there needs to be a clear delineation of your properties. To ensure that boundaries are drawn clearly, you might need the help of a land surveyor. The specific boundaries and dimensions of the property should match the one on its certificate.

    • Forgeries

Another title issue you might encounter is forgery. Forgeries happen when previous owners or devious sellers try to sell properties with items on the title altered to fit their agenda. You might even find that some property titles have entire sections fabricated. To ensure your title isn’t a product of forgery, make sure to check the history of your property with the local land registry.

Unexplained break in the chain of title

The entire history of the transactions associated with the property is known as the chain of title. If there is an unexplained break or a gap in the chain of title where some transfers of ownership become unclear or untraceable, this might mean it was done illegally. If you notice unexplained gaps in your property’s chain of title, investigate these right away, otherwise you might find yourself dealing with property issues later on.

If you’d rather let professionals handle the smoothing out of your property’s title issues, you can always choose to sell your home to professional cash home buyers. As long as you obey property disclosure laws in Florida, there shouldn’t be a problem with selling your home. A professional home buyer would have the industry experience and resources to deal with your home’s property title issues in Naples, Florida.

Need More Info?

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