Digital Marketing Tools You Can Use to Sell Your Naples Home Fast

by Jul 15, 2022

Many homeowners have started trying to sell their homes on their own, opting to forego realtors or real estate agents in the hopes of pocketing as much of the profits as possible. And while your chances of success are probably going to be higher if you work with a real estate professional, going at it on your own is definitely an option.

At Alpha Properties, we buy houses in Naples, Florida, so we know what it takes for an individual homeowner to conquer the real estate market in the best and fastest way possible. Apart from legal matters and beautifying your home, marketing your Naples house is a crucial element to making the sale, and these digital marketing tools are some of your best bet to sell your home fast.

CRM Software

CRM software, or Customer Relationship Management software, is a suite of digital tools that allow you to manage how you interact with potential clients in a way that maximizes your chances of closing a real estate sale.

That’s because good CRM software allows you to collect multiple data points about different types of clients and it helps you make sense of all the real estate information that is presented to you. This helps you figure out what the best way to reach a particular real estate client.

In real estate, leads are the currency for success. A lead is any client that seems like they will be making a purchase. Using a CRM allows you to find the right kind of lead by analyzing different information about them: their proximity, wants, needs, and a host of other factors.

If you want to sell your Naples house fast and make sense of the real estate market, this is one of the best ways possible. However, gathering all those data points might be a little difficult, especially if you want to be comprehensive with the kind of leads you want to generate. That being said, there are ways to collect the kind of information you need, like through email marketing or a website. Speaking of…

An Optimized Website

Most professional realtors and real estate agents utilize a website to help aggregate potential clients to a single point of entry. This allows real estate professionals to relegate a majority of their marketing efforts to a single platform, which means they get to reach as many clients as possible with one fell swoop.

However, one of the mistakes real estate professionals make is not optimizing their website. If you’ve ever come across a real estate agent’s website and thought to yourself, “Wow this website kinda sucks,” it’s probably because they didn’t spend the time to optimize their site so that it loads faster, is easier to find via search engines, among other things.

As a non-professional individual who just wants to sell their Naples house, this might seem like a ton of work. But actually, it’s not: there are tons of FREE resources online to help you build a real estate website and optimize it so that you can reach your intended audience easily. Yes, there is a learning curve, but if done right, you might be giving real estate agents in your Naples area a run for their money!

Virtual Tours

In the digital era, there’s no excuse to not have a virtual tour of the house you’re trying to sell. Virtual tours can be as simple as room-per-room photos of your entire property, or a full-on 3D walkthrough experience.

In fact, many real estate agents have started doing this for their clients, but for a relatively steep price. However, you actually can do this on your own with just a couple of smartphones, the right software, some patience, and a bunch of YouTube tutorials.

Again, this may take a bit of your time, but if done right, it’s something you can feature prominently on your hand-made website to entice buyers to make direct offers for your home.

Or, Better Yet, Sell to a Professional Homebuyer!

Going for the DIY route to sell your house can be a real chore, which is why the best and fastest way to sell your house is to go for a professional home buyer. A professional home buyer is exactly what it sounds like: they are a company that buys homes, usually with straight cash.

We buy houses in Naples, Florida, and our team at Alpha Properties has decades of collective experience making sure that clients get the best bang for their buck. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you sell your house fast!

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