Selling A house While In Probate – Things You Need To Know

by Jan 19, 2022

Is it possible to sell your house fast while in probate in Naples, Florida? Like all processes that involve the law, selling your house while in probate could take some time, but can be sped up if you invest in the right legal team that’s got your back. Everything can be a little confusing, so we came up with some quick FAQs to get you familiar with the process.

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What Is A Probate Sale?

When someone passes away and leaves a will, the process of probate validates the will and carries on what it says regarding asset turnover. It can be a quite lengthy and expensive procedure, but can be expedited if the legal team you employ do their jobs well.

Your legal team, the executor of the will, and the inheritors of the property will work together to then determine who inherits what and what assets can be sold through probate court, if needed.

How Can I Sell A House While In Probate In Naples, Florida?

Although houses in probate are normally not so hot on the real estate market, there are some sale options you can explore with your family and lawyers.

Here are some individuals or groups who can potentially be interested in your house in probate:

Selling To A Property Investor

A property investor is sort of like a house flipper and a cash buyer in one. They are normally experienced in purchasing multiple homes for reselling or renting over long periods of time. They normally don’t have an issue with purchasing homes with issues either, since they can shoulder repairs themselves.

Selling To A House Flipper

Are you a fan of home improvement channels, and love to see a run-down home go through an intense makeover? That’s essentially what house flippers do. They rehabilitate homes for sale at a much higher price, and like property investors, they aren’t concerned about you shouldering costs for repairs. A good house flipper normally has the budget to oversee this process themselves.

Selling To A Cash Home Buyer

When you Google “how to sell your house fast while in probate in Naples, Florida” you will likely run into selling to a cash home buyer as an option. Cash home buyers offer fair, cash-only deals for homes without any additional charge to you. They usually look for homes with major issues like termite damage, plumbing damage, missing paperwork, and more.

How Does The Probate Sale Process Go?

  1. Your property needs to be appraised first by a professional.
  2. Your realtor will then list the property on sites like and Zillow.
  3. An interested buyer needs to make a 10% deposit to secure the home for themselves. Your probate attorney will then submit this to the court to finalize the sale.
  4. The future sale date will be finalized in court, if all parties agree.
  5. A Notice of Planned Actions will be sent to the inheritors, and they will have 15 days to say any objections.
  6. The original buyer can still be outbid in court. Additional bids need to be equivalent to 5% plus $500 above the original buyer’s offer. If their offer wins the highest bid, they need to present a 10% deposit as cashier’s check upon winning the contract. The original buyer will then be refunded their initial 10% deposit.

Sell To A Professional Home Buyer!

Now that you understand what the probate sale process is like in court, we don’t blame you if you are looking for faster solutions to provide your family with some income right away. Luckily, professional home buyers are there to attend to you immediately.

We are Alpha Properties, a cash home buyer that buys houses in Naples, Florida. We buy houses in any condition whatsoever, so you don’t need to worry about commissions, extra fees, realtors, commissions, and repairs. No need to worry about cleaning either, ‘cause we get the job done for you!

To contact us, all you have to do is to visit our website and give us your name, phone number, and email address in order to get your fair cash offer now. Alternatively, you can also call us at (305) 204-1216 and enjoy a faster home selling process!

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