What to Tell Buyers About Living in Naples

by Sep 15, 2022

Every region, state and city will have its own unique highlights and reasons why someone would want to relocate there. When it comes to Naples, FL, you shouldn’t run out of reasons to tell your buyers why investing in property in the area is a great idea.

Should you need help coming up with those reasons, Alpha Properties has gathered some of the top things to tell buyers about living in Naples.

Warm weather

They don’t call Florida the Sunshine State for no reason. One of the biggest perks of living in a Naples real estate property is the great weather that comes all year round. Unlike other parts of America, the weather in Naples is warm the whole year—hot and humid summers with occasional rain and warm, clear, and sunny winters. This is the perfect place for those who don’t want to deal with extreme cold and snow every year.

Extraordinary beaches

Another perk of living in real estate in Naples is your proximity to dozens of great beaches. Naples residents have access to magnificent beaches and gorgeous sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico to go with it.

When imagining the beaches of Naples, think of fine, silky white sand that’s warmed by the sun to a cozy temperature. Accompanied by azure blue water lapping at your feet.

Furthermore, Marco Island is accessible just 17 miles from Naples connected to the mainland by bridge. It’s a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico and is known to have some of the top beaches in the world.

Low crime rates

Naples is touted as one of the safest cities in Florida crime-wise. Crime rates are generally lower than most other cities in the state, with most crime being non-violent.

Gated communities are also commonplace in Naples, FL so you can rest easy knowing that you live in a safe community with a well-staffed police force.

No state income taxes

For real estate investors and those looking to purchase property in Florida, another great perk of living in that real estate investment is that you don’t have to pay state income tax while in the state. This can be a real big help to those who are still building wealth in the state.

To make things even better, Florida also doesn’t have an estate or inheritance tax which makes it easier for your children and family to inherit any property that you own. It also preserves more of your estate since tax won’t be levied on your property when you pass away.

Everyone’s tax situation looks different, but if you’re someone who’s had the constant challenge of paying a lot of taxes, moving to Naples, Florida might just be help you need for your situation.

Tons of recreational activities to choose from

Aside from sun, beaches, and spring break, Florida is generally known to be the area you retire in and for good reason. Florida is great place for you if you’re looking for recreational activities to fill up your day. Florida is known for its many golf courses in the area, backdropped by great weather and beautiful views. Naples has several golf courses within the city and the cost of membership of these are sometimes bundled in with your mortgage.

Aside from golf, water sports and activities can always be found in the many beautiful beaches. Whether it’s swimming, surfing, sailing, or fishing, there’s definitely something for everyone by the water.

Don’t worry about convincing Alpha Properties

These are just some of the top things to tell buyers who are considering moving to Naples, FL. But even if you could easily find 10 more reasons, you won’t have to worry about convincing a cash home buyer in Naples to purchase your property. So if you’re thinking of selling and blessing someone else with the opportunity to live in Naples, call Alpha Properties today!

We buy houses in Naples, Florida for cash no matter what condition or situation it’s in. Even if you’re facing foreclosure or divorce, in just three easy steps you can sell your house fast in Naples with our help. Get in touch with us to see how much you can get for your home today!

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